Anthony Nader & Funny Product E-Pitches


Anthony Nader & Funny Product E-Pitches

For our first meeting in the AIC we were lucky enough to have former CEO President Anthony Nader come and speak to us about how CEO helped shape who he his today. Anthony graduated from Bryant in 2011 and served as President of CEO in 2010 during which time he lead our chapter to a national best chapter victory.


Anthony emphasized how much his involvement with CEO helped him later on in life. The major points he emphasized were networking and the entrepreneurial spirit that CEO provided. All of our members were delighted to see how much CEO has helped Anthony on his path to success.

Anthony went on to talk about where he now, currently serving as the VP of major development at The Longwood Group. He was recently put in charge of a 124-million-dollar real estate project.


After Anthony’s presentation, our general members were tasked with making an elevator pitch on a humorous product. Groups had 20 minutes to brainstorm ideas on how to make their products more marketable and increase sales. After 20 minutes of brainstorming they had to give pitch explaining their product, what their target market was and how they would sell such a product. Their final pitch was given to both Lou (our advisor) and Anthony himself. All groups had fun with the pitch and many laughs were had.


This meeting emphasized the importance of thinking on your feet and the ability to pitch your idea in a limited amount of time.