Daniel Gertrudes


Daniel Gertrudes

Daniel Gertrudes, founder of consulting group GrowthLab Financial, was our speaker at this week’s general meeting. Daniel talked about his career, some projects he’s working on, and offered some advice for young entrepreneurs.

The beginning of Daniel’s presentation focused on his early career at Textron. He emphasized the difficulty he had making something successful for someone else, only to see things fail at the hands of others. That was when he said he decided that he was going to work for himself. Further, based on this experience he recommended that we 1. position ourselves for where we want to be in 10 years and 2. find company or a person that is willing to take a risk on you in order to get there.


Dan’s biggest talking point was on the importance of building and maintain relationships. Relationships with customers, mentors, and partners are are of paramount importance to business of any kind. Finding that first customer and then building a relationship with them is how you grow business. Your first customer, Daniel says, becomes your advocate for further business. He also talked about his mentors and how he has maintained relationships with them over the years. He advocated for students to go and find a mentor and listen to their advice.


One of the companies that Daniel has been involved with is called The Purple Carrot. They are a meal kit delivery service that specializes in delivering high quality vegan meal kits. He discussed the process of growth the founder went through and talked about how the company was able to scale from a basement operation to the size that they are at today.

Daniel’s final key takeaways were to:

  • Be mindful
  • Keep and open mind
  • Listen to customers and employees
  • Learn to think exponentially
  • Stay humble