Personal Branding and LinkedIn


Personal Branding and LinkedIn

Our e-board member, James Imrie, presented at this meeting about the importance of personal branding and using LinkedIn. Here is a summary of the topics covered.


Selling Yourself: Emphasis was placed on showing your worth when interacting with employers or potential investors. Ask yourself the question: If I were a product, why would someone pull me off the shelf? What value do I provide?

Your Pitch: In interviews the first question is usually “Tell me about yourself”. That’s your invitation to give a 60 second pitch of yourself. In your 60 second pitch your job is to brag without bragging.

What are your goals?

What do you value?

What are you passionate about?

What motivates you?

What are your skills?

Online Presence: Before getting to LinkedIn, we stressed the importance of keeping a professional online presence. The biggest actionable tip we gave was to create a professional and personal Twitter.


LinkedIn: The importance of LinkedIn for the modern professional cannot be denied. We urged our members to create or update their LinkedIn profiles at our meeting.

  • The summary section of a LinkedIn page is the most important part of a profile. Employers and browsers spend less than 10 seconds skimming the page and the summary section is the first thing they see when browsing your page.
    • Short, sweet and to the point is the name of the game when it comes to LinkedIn summaries
  • Consistency is key: Logos, headshots, and descriptions should be the same across platforms.
  • Don’t cut and paste your resume
  • Keywords not buzzwords – How would the 5 people you spend the most time with describe you? Use those descriptions, not buzzwords like “creative”, “hard working”, and “team-oriented”.
  • Use a quality, professional headshot
  • Update your background image to something pertinent to you and your skill set


Using LinkedIn: 

  • Cold message people: Offer to buy someone a cup of coffee. A $3 investment can return a wealth of industry information, a new connection, or insight into a potential lead
  • Share, comment, and post things that are relevant to your industry – but not too interesting.