Startup Survival


CEO & Bryant Admissions

Startup Survival is a collaboration between Bryant CEO and Bryant Admissions. In an effort to expose high school students to the wonders of entrepreneurship and running a business, CEO leads groups of high school students through various activities that simulates running a real business.


The Challenge

Each group of 5-7 high school students is paired up with 2 Bryant students from CEO or admissions. Each team is tasked with creating a business or product idea. They then spend the day developing their business idea by pitching it for investment, hiring for their company, and marketing the product.

The Results

At the end of the event, teams are set loose on campus armed with only their iPhones, and tasked with creating a 30 second commercial for their business. The results are often hilarious, and showcase the creativity of the students competing. Startup Survival is a great way for high school students to get a taste of what the business world has to offer.

CEO President, Josh Velez, and his team of high schoolers at Startup Survival 2015