Bryant CEO | Fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship
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Every Thursday @5:00PM in AIC

General Meetings

Our annual regional conference attracting entrepreneurs from all over


Mandatory part of Freshman curriculum




From E-pitch to BUNEEC, Bryant CEO plans and executes annual events that attract and enrich students and entrepreneurs from all over the country.


Our conferences and weekly meetings boast renowned speakers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about entrepreneurship and love to tell their story.


Bryant CEO attracts leaders and highly motivated individuals on campus. We may not all be pursuing ventures, but every single one of us has big dreams for the future.
Nick Anketell

I am currently a Senior here at Bryant, I joined CEO when I was a freshman and joined the marketing committee. From there I served as the VP of Finance for 2 years before landing in my current role as President. CEO helped to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in me, from the moment I stepped foot in my first meeting I knew that I wanted to create my own company. Currently, I am the founder of 2 companies with a 3rd in the works! I am currently a triple concentration in Financial Services, Applied Analytics and Political Science. I encourage everyone to make the most of their time not only in CEO, but at Bryant in general. Feel free to reach out and connect with me!

Emil Jimenez
Chief Technology Officer

I'm currently a Junior from Fitchburg, MA with a major in Data Science. After joining CEO my freshman year, I fell in love with the organization for the simple fact that it's a community of people from all backgrounds, meaning that you don't have to be an entrepreneur to attend and participate.

Isabel Hamilton
Vice President of Membership

I'm a rising junior marketing major from Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Over the past two semesters, I have worked with the Women in Business Committee to develop programming centered towards women in the Bryant community. Along with being the Vice President of Membership I am involved with Student Senate and Bryant Habitat for Humanity.

Kojo Appiah
Vice President of Finance
I am currently a sophomore from Middletown, Connecticut with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Economics. Joining CEO as a general member in the first semester of my freshman year, it has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far. It has been my pride and joy to be able to interact with individuals from different backgrounds who all hold some sort of entrepreneurial spirit in them. My mission as the Vice President of Finance is to provide the resources that will allow this organization to grow and create an environment in which our general members may thrive in and foster their own entrepreneurial spirit.
In addition to CEO, I serve as a Senate Commissioner on the Ways and Means Commission, a Class of 2021 Senator for Bryant USG, and as an intern at Anthem, Inc.
Claudia Dionne
Vice President of Marketing

After becoming a general member of CEO my freshman year, I wanted to join a group of like-minded highly motivated individuals who #CreateLeaders. An International Business Marketing & Spanish major, my mission as Vice President of Marketing is to collaborate with the Executive Board to inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship within our members, and the Bryant Community. In addition to CEO, I currently serve as the Vice President of Communications for AOII, and intern for Infinite Events and Cox Communications in Providence, RI.

Savanna Templeton
Vice President of Events

I am a sophomore from Randolph, New Jersey, studying International Business with a minor in Spanish.  After my very first CEO meeting, I fell in love with the encouraging family environment as well as all of the opportunities the club has to offer.  As the Vice President of Events, I am extremely excited to provide members with an even more positive experience than I had my freshman year and take the organization to new heights!

Melissa Gurzenda
Executive Director, BUNEEC

I'm a sophomore, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, from Connecticut.  I was an active member of CEO during my freshman year as BUNEEEC Marketing Director.  This year I am honored to be the Executive Director of BUNEEC.  With my passion for encouraging entrepreneurial thought and creative growth, I am confident that CEO's BUNEEC Conference will be a success.  I also look forward to being a mentor to general members, encouraging them to accept challenges and be influential leaders.  

Jaret Pretruzzelli
Director of Alumni Relations

I'm currently a Junior from Abington, MA with a double concentration in Finance and Applied Analytics. After getting more involved in CEO my Sophomore year, I grew a huge appreciation for the opportunities the organization has to offer and decided I wanted to become part of the driving force behind it. I now hold the position of Director of Alumni Relations, and I look forward to taking advantage of all that our alumni network has to offer.

Logan Scanlon
Director of Collegiate Outreach

I am a senior from Branford, CT studying Communications and Human Resources Management. With the help and commitment of last year’s Eboard we were able to launch our new Community Outreach sector of CEO; Collegiate Outreach. Collegiate Outreach takes entrepreneurial minded students with a passion for community outreach to expose them to local entrepreneurs and non-profits alike. I have been personally involved in non-profit organizations for over a decade as well as founding my own 501c3 non-profit in 2014, Candles for Everyone. Partnering with a local 2-year single-mother transitional housing community in Providence and a local bakery to ensure no child goes without a celebration on their special day. Our goal is to help produce ethical businessmen & women who care about benefitting the community they are profiting from.

Jeremy Wilder
Bryant Ventures Lead Accelerator

I am a senior from Bourne, MA studying marketing and applied analytics.  Over the course of my college career, I have completed multiple entrepreneurial projects and am currently working on my second startup.  These experiences have ignited a life-long passion for entrepreneurship and earned me the opportunity to work with other students on their ventures as well.  It is my belief that through organizations like CEO and Bryant Ventures we can help others discover entrepreneurship.

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