General Meetings


At every other meeting we bring in a guest speaker to tell their story or their experience with entrepreneurship. We find that students walk away from these meetings reinvigorated and inspired by the stories that they hear. Often times students will approach the speakers afterwards and connect with them, exchanging information and bouncing ideas off of each other.

Interactive Sessions

At meetings without speakers, we hold fun and interactive sessions for our general members to partake in. We play games and do challenges such as 6 degrees of separation and preparing e-pitches on humorous products. Our goal is to allow students to flex their entrepreneurial muscle in an environment full of supportive, like-minded individuals.

Field Trips

In addition to speakers and activities, we will take trips off campus to go and visit local businesses. Last year, we took a trip to Social Enterprise Greenhouse in Providence to visit their communal workspace and incubator. We met with the director and got to hear from several companies who were using the space to launch their ventures.

Check out our blog and gallery on all of our general meetings.